Davido, Portable, Other Celebrities Who Use Controversies to Promote Their Songs, Concert and Movies

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In the world of Nigerian entertainment, controversies have become a strategic tool for artists to gain publicity and promote their projects. From musicians to actors, leveraging controversies has proven effective in capturing public attention and boosting visibility.

Afrobeat superstar Davido, renowned for his musical prowess, exemplifies this strategy well. Often embroiled in scandals involving allegations of infidelity with American models, these controversies consistently precede his major concerts. The resulting media coverage not only amplifies awareness but also fuels public interest, ensuring packed venues and successful shows.

Actress Eniola Ajao similarly utilized controversy during the premiere of her film “Ajakaju” by playfully naming crossdresser Bobrisky as the best-dressed female. Though controversial, the move sparked widespread discussion and significantly raised awareness about her movie. Another prime example isTrending Posts Portable Zazu, a Nigerian singer known for his chaotic persona and frequent media presence. Portable’s knack for stirring controversy through public disputes and provocative statements ensures his continued relevance in the competitive music industry.

These instances underscore a broader trend where celebrities strategically embrace controversy as a public relations tool. In an era dominated by social media and instant communication, such tactics not only attract attention but also drive engagement and ultimately enhance visibility and commercial success.

This article explores the evolving landscape of PR within the Nigerian entertainment scene, highlighting how controversies have become integral to marketing strategies aimed at capturing and maintaining audience interest.

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