Sabon Rai Open Verse Challenge by Eljoe Africa

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One week after the release of SABON RAI, (New Life) I’m excited to announce An Open Verse Challenge!
showcase your style, and share your verse using the hashtag #SabonRai #TheAntidotes #OpenVerseChallenge
The Creative with an entry that proved skill, with unique versatility stands a chance to be featured on My Upcoming Album “THE ANTIDOTES” and will Minister live at the listening session concert later this year,2024.
Tag And Mention “Eljoe Africa” And “Eljoe Afrik Folk” On Facebook And @eljoeafrica On Instagram with The Hashtags
#SabonRai #TheAntidotes #OpenVerseChallenge
Entries without the hashtags will be disqualified.
I’ll share each entry on my platforms to review every cut. Get your friends to LIKE, COMMENT And SHARE, however, it’s not a criterion for selecting The Winner(s)
Open Challenge entries close on 10th August 2024.
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