Easter: IPAC, Obi Call For Unity, Patriotism

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Mr. Peter Obi, in his message shared via his official channels, encouraged Christians to view the victory of Jesus Christ over death during Easter as a source of great inspiration, signifying the possibility of a new Nigeria. He emphasized that this victory also serves as a strong indication that Nigerians can overcome the existing hardships they face.

He stated, “I join the global community of Christians, especially Christians in Nigeria, in celebrating Easter – the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This great occasion brings to an end the Christian Lenten season of fasting, prayers, and almsgiving, and ushers us into the season of glory and victory over death.”

Obi highlighted the myriad challenges Nigeria is currently facing, including insecurity, hunger, poverty, debt, inflation, and corruption. He urged Christians to remain steadfast in prayer, believing that God’s intervention will lead to success and pave the way for a new Nigeria.

Mrs. Chinyere Oge-Kalu, the National Publicity Secretary of IPAC, echoed similar sentiments, urging Nigerians to use the Easter celebration as an opportunity to recommit themselves to God and embrace the virtues of love, compassion, tolerance, and sacrifice exemplified by Jesus Christ.

She emphasized the need for unity and patriotism, calling on citizens to prioritize nation-building over partisan politics. Oge-Kalu affirmed IPAC’s dedication to consolidating and advancing Nigeria’s democracy, ensuring political stability, conducting successful elections, and promoting the well-being of all Nigerians.

Both Obi and IPAC’s messages underscore the significance of Easter as a time for reflection, renewal, and hope, encouraging Nigerians to work together towards a better future for the nation.

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