Kill 3,Bandits Attack Zurmi Emir’s Palace.

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Bandits have attacked the palace of the Emir of Zurmi, Alhaji Bello Muhammad Bunu, killing three people and abducting some residents of the town.

Armed assailants targeted a town in Zamfara State on Wednesday night, launching a violent raid that included an assault on the residence of Col. Bala Muhammad Mande (rtd.), the former Military Administrator of Nasarawa State and one-time Minister of Environment. The attack, which began around 10 p.m., also saw the Emir of Zurmi’s palace come under fire, although the emir himself narrowly escaped harm.

Residents reported that the attackers arrived with the specific intent of abducting Emir Bunu, who had only just returned to the town after surviving a previous kidnapping attempt. Upon reaching the palace, the bandits opened fire at the entrance but were unable to breach the gates. They then redirected their attack towards Col. Mande’s residence, damaging its gates with gunfire.In addition to the direct attacks on these high-profile residences, the assailants destroyed a local GSM telecommunications mast and set fire to two generators adjacent to the emir’s palace, further destabilizing the town’s infrastructure.The violence escalated as the bandits exited the town, leaving three dead and several others abducted, though exact numbers remain unclear due to the ensuing chaos which forced many residents to flee.


Local authorities, including the Zamfara State Police Commissioner Muhammad Shehu Dalijan, have confirmed the attacks and the abduction of a staff member from the emir’s palace, although he clarified that the abduction did not occur within the palace grounds itself. Reports indicate that the bandits managed to abduct at least three people: Sarkin Gida of Zurmi Emirate, Alhaji Yusuf Buhari; a local tea seller; and another unidentified individual.

The community is now on high alert, fearing further attacks, especially with the emir still present in the town. Residents have urgently called on the government for an increased military presence to secure the area and protect its people.Muhammad Inuwa, a father of six and local resident, expressed his distress and the emotional toll the frequent attacks have taken on the community, revealing plans to relocate his family to the relative safety of the state capital, Gusau.

The repeated attacks not only threaten the physical safety of the town’s residents but also aim to undermine the authority and respect of traditional institutions in the region. The community, supported by the state-owned Community Protection Guard and local vigilantes, remains vigilant, hoping for stability and a resolute response to the escalating threat.

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