Enugu Neighbourhood Watch Operatives Shoot Dead Restaurant Owner

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In a tragic turn of events, Enugu witnessed a disturbing incident involving the Neighbourhood Watch operatives and local residents. Reports indicate that Neighbourhood Watch operatives shot and killed a restaurant owner, sparking outrage among the youths in the area.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooting occurred under contentious circumstances, leading to widespread condemnation from the community. In response to the fatal incident, enraged youths took to the streets and set ablaze a patrol vehicle belonging to the Neighbourhood Watch.The incident has raised concerns about the conduct of security operatives and the escalation of tensions between law enforcement and the local populace. Authorities are yet to release an official statement regarding the incident, but tensions remain high as investigations are underway to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the shooting and subsequent unrest.

As legal representatives, we are deeply concerned about the tragic incident involving the loss of life of a prominent restaurant owner in Enugu State. The victim, identified as a beloved member of the community, was reportedly killed at the Ogrute roundabout in Igboeze North Local Government Area on Monday night. A distressing video circulating on social media platforms depicted the aftermath of the incident, revealing a security vehicle belonging to the neighborhood watch group engulfed in flames. This act of vandalism was reportedly carried out by enraged youths who confronted the security operatives following the fatal shooting of the restaurant owner.

Eyewitnesses reported that the altercation stemmed from an attempted arrest by the security team at the victim’s restaurant, which led to a physical altercation between the victim and the security operatives. Tragically, the victim sustained a fatal gunshot wound during the altercation, prompting the security personnel to flee the scene, leaving behind their vehicle, which was later set ablaze by the irate youths.The victim was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital Ogrute, where he was pronounced dead in the early hours of Tuesday. The Concerned Igboeze North Youths (CINY) group confirmed the heartbreaking news on social media, calling for swift action from local authorities to investigate the incident and ensure that justice is served.

Efforts to obtain official statements from the State Police Public Relations Officer DSP Daniel Ndukwe were unsuccessful at the time of reporting, as he did not respond to calls or text messages. We urge relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and bring the perpetrators to justice to prevent such tragic incidents from recurring in the future.

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