Nasarawa State Government Implements Ban on Ethnic Vigilante Groups Amid Insecurity

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In a decisive move aimed at addressing escalating security concerns, Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has wielded Executive Order No. 1 of 2024 to outlaw all ethnic vigilante groups within the state. The directive, issued following an emergency security meeting, targets organizations like the Fulani ethnic vigilante group known as the Kungiyar Zaman Lafiya, the Bassa vigilante group, and the Eggon vigilante group.

Under the authority vested in him by Section 97A of the Penal Code and other relevant laws, Governor Sule acted on the counsel of the state security council to proscribe these groups, citing their potential to disrupt peace and stability. Additionally, any associations or movements affiliated with these vigilante groups operating under the guise of ethnicity are also banned by the order.

As part of the enforcement measures, affected groups are instructed to surrender their uniforms and weapons to the state commissioner of police within a two-week period. The governor’s office emphasized that any similar organizations with objectives of providing security based on ethnic lines through force or arms are also included in the ban.

In adherence to the executive order, members of the Kungiwar Zaman Lafiya nomad Vigilante, Bassa Vigilante, Eggon Vigilante, and other related organizations are required to comply with the directive and relinquish all weapons and uniforms to law enforcement authorities within the specified timeframe.

This decisive action underscores the commitment of the Nasarawa State Government to maintain law and order and promote harmony among its diverse populace.

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