Evening of Worship: Real Estate Company’s First Quarter Celebration

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On the serene evening of Good Friday, March 29th, 2024, hearts were uplifted and spirits soared at the Conference Hall of iReach Ltd in Asaba, Delta State.  An Evening of Worship, meticulously crafted by iReach Limited, not just to praise and thank the Almighty for the first quarter of the year 2024 but also to extend a unique opportunity for attendees to explore real estate ventures.
The atmosphere reverberated with soul-stirring melodies and harmonies as renowned guest ministers Paul Nams, Tolu Praise, De’magnus BlaqJesus, and Crown Sax led the congregation in worship. Their voices echoed the sentiments of gratitude and reverence felt by all present.
In a unique twist, the Evening of Worship also presented an exclusive opportunity for attendees to explore discounted land offers provided by iReach Ltd. Amidst testimonies of God’s goodness towards the company, participants were invited to learn about iReach Limited’s real estate ventures and investment opportunities. This harmonious blend of spirituality and practicality exemplified iReach’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and value to its clients.
Throughout the event, attendees were treated to inspirational messages and teachings, reinforcing the themes of gratitude, praise, and faith. Moreover, the Evening of Worship provided a platform for networking, fostering connections among realtors and the company, thereby strengthening community ties and collaborations.
As the Evening of Worship drew to a close, hearts were filled with gratitude, minds enlightened with newfound insights, and spirits invigorated with hope. iReach Limited had not only orchestrated a divine celebration but also provided a beacon of opportunity amidst spiritual reflection. Indeed, it was an evening to remember, a testament to the company’s vision of making a positive impact on the lives of its clients and communities.
About iReach Limited:
iReach Limited envisions a future where every Nigerian can effortlessly realize their property ambitions, experience cutting-edge marketing strategies, and investment opportunities. They aspire to deliver innovative and convenient value, making a positive impact on the lives of their clients and the communities they serve. With a presence in Asaba, Delta State, and Onitsha, Anambra State, iReach Limited is committed to transforming dreams into reality.
For further inquiries or information about iReach Limited and its offerings, please contact
Address: Suite 4 Evidence Plaza, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State.
Phone: 09022233331, 09022233334
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