FCT Minister, Wike Ordered Demolition Of My Estate After Shouting ‘How Can All This Land Be Given To Igboman’ –Anambra-born Estate Developer, Ukachukwu

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The situation described appears to be a contentious issue involving the demolition of property owned by Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu in the Asokoro district of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Ukachukwu, Chairman and CEO of SNECOU Group Limited, has accused the FCT Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, of ordering the demolition without any court order, despite two pending court orders restraining the minister and the FCT administration from interfering with the property.

Ukachukwu alleges that the demolition was carried out in the presence of heavily armed security operatives, including soldiers, policemen, and personnel of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, despite the existence of legal titles for the property. He claims that the demolition was motivated by ethnic bias, as the property was owned by an Igbo man.

Ukachukwu asserts that all necessary legal procedures were followed in obtaining the titles for the property, including ministerial approvals and certificates of occupancy. He emphasizes that the action taken by the FCT Minister contradicted two pending court orders restraining any such action.

In response to inquiries about the demolition, the spokesman for the FCTA, Mr. Tony Ogunleye, stated that he lacked detailed information about the case but affirmed that the FCT Administration does not demolish properties based on ethnicity or regional affiliation. He emphasized that due process is followed before any property is demolished, typically involving violations of land use regulations.

The situation underscores a complex legal and administrative dispute involving property rights, alleged ethnic bias, and procedural irregularities. It highlights the need for transparency, adherence to legal processes, and protection of property rights regardless of ethnic or regional considerations.

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