For Safety Reasons, We Have Requirements For Visitors – Owner Of Abuja Chinese Supermarket

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It’s good to see Liu Bei addressing the situation directly and clarifying any misunderstandings. Her explanation about the nature of her shop and its intended clientele sheds light on the context behind the initial reports. It seems like there was a misinterpretation, and Bei emphasizes that she doesn’t discriminate against any nationality. It’s unfortunate that there was an altercation, but it’s positive that she sold items to Nigerian customers who came to her store. The involvement of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission shows the seriousness with which such matters are taken. Hopefully, this situation can be resolved amicably and serve as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and understanding in such situations.

“I don’t discriminate against any Nigerians, I even have several local employees in my store and we have a good relationship. However, for safety reasons, the community has requirements for visitors, so not everyone can enter the community directly. “I feel sorry for the altercation between the security guard and the visitor in the video. Two Nigerians did come to my store that day to buy something, and I sold to them.”

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