“He wanted to interview a lion to ask questions about some stories he read about lions in the Bible,” said the man.

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After a video of a young Ghanaian man attempting to interact with a lion went viral, it sparked humorous reactions online.

Surprisingly, he sought to inquire from the animal whether the renowned biblical tale of Samson’s encounter with a lion held truth or was merely fictional.

Initially, the lion looked away, but undeterred, the man, determined to elicit a response, shouted across the fence to capture its attention.

Seemingly expecting the lion to engage in dialogue, he approached the fence with his microphone, but instead, the lion roared, startling him and prompting a hasty retreat. The one-minute-seven-second video, titled “The Lion Vex,” had amassed over 200,000 views and garnered 300 comments by the time the report was written.


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