How to Maintain long Distance Relationship

How to Maintain long Distance Relationship

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A distance relationship cannot survive without a strong vision. It has to be between two very focused and intentional people who are resolute to beat the distance and share their love, because they are PLANNING for a day when distance will never be an issue again.

There has to be a vision that’s worked on to proximity. It takes a strong person to keep a long distant relationship, a strong, & disciplined person, because this is not for babies that lack emotional maturity at all, there are just too many selfless sacrifices to be made. But before I go further I want you to know that Distance isn’t a big factor in a relationship, communication is. But most of all, commitment is the most important one. For instance, you cannot be in a long distant relationship and lack the spirit of communication, unless you just want to waste your time and the precious time of the other person, valuable time that you both would have used to learn entrepreneurship skills. Communication is everything over the miles. Relationships are built on Communication. It is the foundation of every relationship. “Communication” should only progress and not last for a certain period.

How to maintain long distance relationship

You must love talking. You must love calling. You must love texting. No introvert nonsense excuse. Simply put, you’ve got to be soaked in the art of calling, texting and chatting, else the relationship cannot be sustained.

Right next to this is also the spirit of listening. And this is even the difficult part. Since you cannot see each other face to face to read body language and observe their expressions, you have to be gifted in reading between the lines of their every word, carefully paying attention to the full-stops and commas, pauses and breaks, including the ability to discern when something is bothering them and when they need more attention.

Boy it’s a difficult job, to fully understand and relate with another person through the thin threads of a telephone. But more importantly, you need the anointing of patience and discipline in other for you two to pull it through… Some nights you are going to need trust to love your partner the next day. Some nights you are going to need self-discipline,

However if you two totally agreed to make it work the relationship will, sometime I feel it’s the best type of relationship to go into if you ask me. Because it involve critical thinking and understanding most people go in to relationship without trust, no mature mind.

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