Kidnapped Kogi Varsity Student Found In Enugu

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A 200-level female student of library and information science of the Federal University Lokoja (FUL), Janet Kyeme, who was reported to have disappeared on her way to receive lectures has been found in Enugu State.


The case of Miss Kyeme’s disappearance and subsequent escape from her abductors is both concerning and relieving. Her foster father, school authorities, and security operatives had been searching for her since the first week of March 2024 when she was declared missing.

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance raised fears, particularly because there was no ransom demand from her abductors, leading to speculations that she might have been kidnapped for ritual purposes.

Fortunately, Janet managed to escape from her captors in a bush in Enugu metropolis. According to reports, she wandered for hours until she reached a settlement where someone assisted her in contacting her cousin in Enugu. Her cousin then located her, rescued her, and took her back to her biological family in Jos, Plateau State.

It’s heartening to hear that Janet was able to reunite with her family safely after her ordeal. The fact that security operatives had tracked her movement to Enugu prior to her escape indicates ongoing efforts to locate her and bring her back to safety.

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