NDLEA Apprehends More Than 50,000 Individuals, Sentences 9,000 for Illegal Drug Activities

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Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Brig Gen Mohamed Marwa (Rtd), has said that the arrest of 50,901 drug offenders including 46 barons, and the conviction of 9,034 of them.

Marwa emphasized that the confiscation of over 7,561 tonnes of illicit substances in the last 38 months sends a clear message to drug cartels and their leaders that Nigeria will not tolerate their criminal activities. He made these remarks in Lagos on Monday during the commissioning and handover of an operational facility donated to the NDLEA by the British government.Acknowledging the significant support from the British government in Nigeria’s fight against illicit drugs, Marwa expressed gratitude for their commitment and contributions. He highlighted the newly acquired building as a symbol of the enduring partnership between Nigeria and the UK in combating drug trafficking.

Marwa emphasized the importance of the operational facility, stating that it will serve as a crucial center for data analysis and strategic planning to disrupt drug trafficking networks. He underscored the agency’s reformation and achievements in combating drug trafficking and abuse, including 50,901 arrests and the conviction of 9,034 offenders.Furthermore, Marwa highlighted the seizure of over 7.5 million kilograms of illegal drugs and the destruction of cannabis plantations as significant achievements in the agency’s mission. He called for the strengthening of the partnership between Nigeria and the UK to intensify the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.While acknowledging the progress made under his leadership, Marwa emphasized that the battle against illicit drugs is ongoing and called for renewed efforts and determination to build a safer future.

British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Jonny Baxter, reiterated the UK’s commitment to supporting the NDLEA and Nigeria in tackling the global challenge of drug trafficking. He expressed pride in the partnership and assured continued support and cooperation from the UK government.

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