Nigerians React as Dealers Crash Rice Price, Survey Shows Cheapest Brands

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The reported crash in the price of rice across Nigeria is significant news, especially considering the importance of rice as a staple food in the country. The decrease from N90,000 to N63,000 per 50kg bag is substantial and could have positive implications for consumers, particularly those who have been grappling with high food prices.

The correlation between the strengthening of the naira against the dollar and the reduction in rice prices highlights the interconnectedness of global economic factors and their impact on local markets. This development is likely to be welcomed by many Nigerians who have been feeling the strain of inflation and rising costs of living.

It’s also interesting to note the variations in rice prices across different regions, with border communities experiencing even lower rates. This could be attributed to factors such as proximity to rice-producing areas or differences in market dynamics.Overall, this news is a positive indication of market trends and may provide some relief to consumers, particularly in the face of economic challenges.

Nigerians have expressed delight on social media over the drop in the price of the product. According to them, foreign rice is now selling for between N50,000 and N52,000 per 50kg of bag in selected markets in Lagos. Read more:


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