Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyers ‘Denied Access To Detained IPOB Leader,’ Lament Seizure Of Documents By Nigerian Secret Police, DSS

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Kanu has been detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) since the extraordinary rendition from Kenya to Nigeria in June 2021.

The legal team representing Nnamdi Kanu, the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has expressed frustration over their repeated denial of access to their client and the seizure of legal documents by the Department of State Services (DSS). Here’s a summary of the situation:

  1. Access Denied: Despite Kanu’s detention by the DSS since his extraordinary rendition from Kenya to Nigeria in June 2021, his legal team claims they have been consistently denied access to him. This denial of access violates Kanu’s constitutional right, as provided by Section 36(6) paragraph C of the Constitution, which guarantees an accused person the right to communicate with their legal counsel.
  2. Seizure of Legal Documents: The legal team alleges that whenever they attempt to visit Kanu and bring legal documents for his review, the DSS seizes the documents. The documents are reportedly scanned and photocopied by DSS personnel, and in many cases, they are not returned to the legal team. This hinders Kanu’s ability to collaborate with his lawyers on his defense strategy and violates his rights as an accused person.
  3. Frustration and Concern: Barrister Jude Ugwuanyi, one of Kanu’s lawyers, expressed frustration over the lack of access to their client and the seizure of legal documents. He emphasized the importance of Kanu being able to communicate freely with his legal counsel to discuss his defense against the charges brought against him.
  4. Impact on Defense: The legal team’s inability to liaise with Kanu and provide him with necessary legal documents undermines his defense. Without access to their client and the confiscated documents, the legal team is hindered in preparing a robust defense strategy for Kanu.
  5. Call for Fair Treatment: The legal team argues that the denial of access and seizure of legal documents by the DSS create an imbalance in the legal proceedings and violate Kanu’s rights. They emphasize that such practices are not in line with standard legal procedures and hinder the fair administration of justice.

Overall, the legal team’s statements highlight the challenges they face in representing Nnamdi Kanu and underscore the importance of upholding legal standards and respecting the rights of accused persons in the judicial process.

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