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People do not understand this tap tap is just a way to attract users. If you run ‘brand Tapswapreness’ ads, you’d know the likes of  are making a keell, and they are making millions of dollars and would make more.

Let me explain,

You see those tasks of joining telegram groups, following twitter accounts– those are advertisements, the other one Hamster, lets you select an exchange of your choice e.g Binance, and then you click to visit Binance website (that’s advertisements again).

Many people don’t yet know we are in web3, just like our parents and some of you can’t phantom how we create websites and make money from it, this is same way the power of audience marketing works. Those “Tap Tap” apps, have millions of active users per day, all are expectant to withdraw their taps shares as money, how would they gain access to the money? obviously it’s via an Exchange listing, what this means is, all those who don’t have a crypto account would be forced to register an account in the exchange– more and more people are onboarded to crytpo.

10 years ago, same thing happened with Bitcoin, you could earn Bitcoins by performing simple tasks, some tasks pays up to 10 Bitcoin just to submit your email or visit a website, who knew that 1 BTC would be $70k today?

Just like 10years ago, many of you didn’t think it would be possible to share videos of yourself on social media and get paid on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram etc.

This isn’t web2.0, we are in web3 and what’s coming next is all about attention economy, you grab attention and you make life changing money from it ASAP. People pay content creators millions just to post their contents, does that mean an automatic purchase? No, it’s getting your biz to more eyeballs, now imagine having an app that gets eyeballs so easily— that’s genuis. Instead of talking down on the “tat tap guys” keep an open mind, be happy of the millions, if not billions of people that would be onboarded to crypto, just like Dogecoin, Shiba etc onboarded many into crypto years ago,

We are in another phase, “the tap tap phase”, after they are done tapping, surely they’ll be onboarded to crypto via an exchange, the exchanges will make money from fees, the owners of tap apps would make money from brand awareness adverts, exchanges will also give them free liquidity for bring huge signups to them, the brands will be happy to show their logo to an app that has billions of people viewing it daily, Telegram will onboard more people, more and more people will learn about the telegram app and their wallet feature.

Millions will log into telegram their app daily, not once, but hundreds of times in day, don’t be surpise when Facebook roll out a feature to be able to create your own tap tap app inside. I’d like to believe people who understands brand awareness at this stage of life shouldn’t be among those talking down on tap tap guys– don’t be among please.

My head has been brainstorming, i want to find an avenue to tap into such free publicity and traffic, imagine having such an app, randomizing a tap that sends them to my advert page– i would do $100k per day and counting easily.This is a game changer, either you join or stay at the sidelines, but talking down on them is very very unwise of anyone who’s been exposed to how internet and advertising works.
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