The Skilled Award of the year has traversed various universities, recognising and celebrating extraordinary talents, and Bowen University was honoured to host this prestigious and the much-anticipated Skilled Student Award event on the 23 March, 2024

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The Skilled Award of the year has journeyed across different universities, acknowledging and celebrating exceptional talents, and Bowen University had the privilege to host this prestigious and eagerly awaited event, the Skilled Student Award, on March 23, 2024.

This event undoubtedly provided a platform to recognize and honor students who have demonstrated remarkable skills and abilities in various fields. It was an opportunity to highlight the dedication, creativity, and passion exhibited by these outstanding individuals within the university community.

The Skilled Student Award event at Bowen University likely showcased a diverse range of talents, including but not limited to academics, arts, sports, leadership, entrepreneurship, and community service. Students who have excelled in their respective areas were likely recognized and rewarded for their hard work and achievements.

Overall, hosting such an event underscores the importance of celebrating excellence and fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation within educational institutions. It serves as a testament to the talent and potential present among the student body and inspires others to pursue their passions and strive for greatness.

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