Traditional Council Reject Installation Of Hausa Leader ‘Garkuwan Hausawan’ In Edo

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The Benin Traditional Council (BTC), under the authority of Oba Ewuare II, has formally opposed a proposed ceremony intended to install Alhaji Danjuma Garba Binkola as the “Garkuwan Hausawan Benin.” The rejection was outlined in a communique titled “Denunciation of Plan to Hold a Turbaning Ceremony in Benin City,” dated April 18, 2024, and signed by Chief Sam Igbe, the Iyase of Benin, on behalf of the BTC.

Chief Igbe’s letter was directed to the Edo State Director of the Department of State Security (DSS), highlighting concerns about the implications of such an event. It mentioned that Alhaji Adamu Isah Adamu, who self-identified as “His Royal Highness” and “Sarkin Hausawa,” was orchestrating this event scheduled for May 5 at a location on Butcher Street in Benin City. the BTC emphasized that the planned installation directly contravenes the established Benin Traditional and Customary Law governing chieftaincy matters. The council voiced significant apprehension that the ceremony would disrupt local customs and potentially disturb peace and order within the state.

The correspondence from the Iyase detailed that neither the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty Ewuare II, nor any other official body had sanctioned the conferment of such a title, nor authorized Alhaji Adamu Isah Adamu to conduct the ceremony within the Edo South Senatorial District or any other part of Edo State. In a stern warning, the BTC has informed all parties involved to immediately cease their plans for the ceremony and to uphold the sanctity of the Benin traditional laws. The council also issued a notice to the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies, urging enforcement against the unauthorized event to preserve the cultural integrity of the Benin Kingdom.

However, the Iyase asked those involved in the planned “Garkuwan Hausawan Benin” installation ceremony to cancel their plan forthwith and refrain from violating the sanctity of the Benin Traditional and Customary Law


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