What’s Going On With Wisdom247, the ‘I Greet You Boss’ Comedian?

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Wisdom247, once a skyrocketing star in the Edo state comedy scene, seems to have vanished from the limelight despite his earlier successes and massive recognition a few months ago. Lately, his content hasn’t been making waves like it used to. So, what exactly happened?

From my perspective, Wisdom247’s decline in popularity might stem from his reluctance to evolve his comedic style. Initially, fans were all over his signature catchphrase, “I greet you boss,” but it seems the charm has worn off as audiences have shifted their attention to fresher, more dynamic content from other creators who consistently innovate with each new video. If you swing by his social media pages, you’ll notice a repetitive pattern in his uploads. It’s the same style over and over, which might not be cutting it for viewers looking for something new. Despite his past collaborations with big names like Davido, Zlatan Ibile, Odumudublvck, Peruzzi, and even getting a shout-out via a tweet from Burna Boy, Wisdom247 hasn’t leveraged these connections to refresh his act.

His rise was meteoric, and perhaps the pressure to adapt to the fast-changing demands of fame was a bit too much, leading him to stick to his tried and tested formula rather than risk new approaches. This resistance to change could be causing his slow fade from public memory.We all hope Wisdom247 finds a way to bounce back. No one wants to see a talented creator fall off the radar. Maybe it’s time for a comeback? Until then, let’s not forget his once viral phrase: “I GREET YOU BOSS!” 😁

And yes, before you go, help me give a shoutout to that guy—yeah, the one who looks like he could use a laugh today. 😂

I greet you all! 😁

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