LEGAL UPDATE: 118 Inmates Escape As Rainstorm Damages Nigerian Prison

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In an unfortunate incident, on the night of Wednesday, April 24, 2024, a torrential rainstorm wrought extensive damage upon the Medium Security Custodial Centre located in Suleja, Niger State, situated within the north-central region of Nigeria. Resultantly, a breach occurred in the perimeter fence of the custodial facility, precipitating the escape of no fewer than 118 inmates.

This revelation emanates from an official press communiqué disseminated by the designated spokesperson for the Federal Capital Territory Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Mr. Adamu Duza, on the ensuing Thursday.The inclement weather exacted considerable harm upon the infrastructure of the correctional facility, compromising its structural integrity and facilitating the escape of the aforementioned inmates. Despite concerted efforts by correctional services officers to re-apprehend the fleeing detainees, only 10 individuals have thus far been successfully re-incarcerated.

In response to this exigent circumstance, the Nigerian Correctional Service promptly activated its established protocols for inmate retrieval. Collaborative endeavors with allied security agencies have yielded the re-capture of the aforementioned 10 escapees, who are presently in lawful custody. Intensive pursuit operations are underway to effect the apprehension of the remaining absconders.Acknowledging the antiquity and frailty of several custodial facilities, particularly those erected during the colonial epoch, the Service is resolutely committed to effectuating a transition to contemporary carceral infrastructure. Diligent endeavors are being undertaken to replace outdated structures with modern equivalents.

The Controller of Corrections for the Federal Capital Territory Command, Mr. Francis John, affirms the service’s unwavering vigilance and capability in managing this unfolding situation. He extends assurance to the public, encouraging them to resume their daily activities without apprehension or impediment.This update is provided in the interest of transparency and to afford concerned stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing circumstances


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